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The Truths We Hide Podcast | Rebecca Contreras

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Annette Whittenberger|6/30/2022 ->

Born into poverty to a drug-addicted mother, Rebecca Contreras had been a “lost girl” for almost two decades when, at age 19, she found herself to be a drop out, welfare-dependent teenage mother. As a high school dropout with substance-abuse and emotional trauma tendencies, she was well on her way to perpetuating the generational cycle of destruction and becoming a statistic lost to the system and her upbringing. Her new book, Lost Girl: From the Hood to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur (Boss Media, released Oct 2021), recounts this journey from getting off welfare to advising a sitting U.S. president to eventually founding a thriving 100+ person company, her journey demonstrates that harsh beginnings or past mistakes do not need to define us; rather, we each have the power to forge our own pathways, especially when we have self-determination and the ability to recognize and accept helping hands along the way. When not sharing her empowering message or leading her consulting business, Rebecca loves to meet new people, making homemade salsa and her famous enchiladas, and staying connected to her community at her home church Shoreline Austin. She recently launched Lost Girl from Shoreline Austin, delivering a power-packed morning to over 5,000 in attendance and thousands more viewing online. To see this event click on Events | Rebecca Contreras to view other media coverage or learn more about Rebecca

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