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Lost Girl

"From the Hood, to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur"

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#1 Amazon Best Seller

#1 in Women's Studies History

#1 in Conduct of Life & Spirituality

#1 in Non-Profit Management & Leadership

#1 in Christian Leadership

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by Rebecca Contreras

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Lost Girl Endorsements

“Rebecca’s story is every woman's story, one of failures and successes, of challenges and accom­plish­ments, one of pain and sorrows but also of triumph and joy, one of fears and agony but also of courage and determination. Every little girl, every teen, and every woman of any background can be as inspired as I was of Rebecca's amazing trail-blazing journey.”

Rosario Marin,

Former 41st US Treasurer  

I have known Rebecca from her young age of 19 years. I've witnessed her story of failures, challenges, pain and sorrows to success, triumph, joy, overcoming fear through courage and determination. Nothing was handed to Rebecca. It took guts, wisdom, vision and divine intervention to achieve her success. Rebecca is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She is a loyal friend who fiercely loves God and her family. Rebecca never forgets where she came from. She always gives credit to those who mentored her. She in return loves to mentor others so they can achieve success. She's all about bringing others alongside of her. I'm proud of Rebecca for who she has become. She surrendered herself to allow development of her gifts and talents to the fullest.


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