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Rebecca Contreras

Rebecca Contreras is currently the President & CEO of AvantGarde LLC (AG), a consulting firm she cofounded in 2011 as the majority owner.  AG has grown to over 110 employees spread across TX, DC, VA, MD, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Florida, and a few other states. AG's Offices are in the Austin and Washington DC area with clients in 26 different government agencies.  AG offers a one-stop-shop approach to addressing complex organizational issues, AGs capabilities center around four key areas:  Human Capital (HR), Organizational Development, Business Operations and Technology. Rebecca commutes back and forth between her TX and DC offices. To do business with Rebecca’s consulting firm AvantGarde, visit AG at www.avantgarde4usa.com


"LOST GIRL" Now Available!

Lost Girl

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"From the Hood, to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur"


Lost Girl
"From the Hood, to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur"

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Pauper to princess…pit to palace…fairytales we tell our children at bedtime to lull them to sleep and help them escape into a world where they can dream big.

But for me as a child there were no fairytales, only nightmares of a lost girl who desperately searched for her way in the dark only to find monsters of every shape and kind.

This isn’t a book of fiction. It’s my story. Growing up I didn’t know how to dream, let alone make those dreams a reality. All I knew was survival and a deep desire to break the cycle of poverty, pain, addiction, bad behavior, and poor choices. All I needed was a stable job to get my baby daughter and me off welfare.

A Glimpse Inside the Journey

LOST GIRL: From the Hood to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur exposes the raw truth about my life—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and how I went from rags to riches, pit to palace, and pauper to princess (at least feeling like one at times).

So join me in my journey from lost girl to powerhouse success. We’ll start at the beginning with the intimate and painful experiences of my past, including unthinkable issues such as child abandonment and sexual abuse. But we won’t stay there. I’ll also tell you about the unconditional love of a grandmother, my hero, who somehow made everything right. You’ll hear the story of my mother’s transformation from drug addict to champion, and how she stood by my side when the tables turned and I needed her most. I’ll divulge my party lifestyle and the violent rape and attempted murder on my life after a drug dealer and monster nearly ten years my senior manipulated me into a toxic relationship when I was sixteen and how I got away and eventually erased him from my life.

And we’re just getting started.

Strap yourself in because the ride gets wilder...