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Rebecca Contreras is currently the President & CEO of AvantGarde LLC (AG), a consulting firm she cofounded in 2011 as the majority owner.  AG has grown to over 110 employees spread across TX, DC, VA, MD, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Florida, and a few other states. AG's Offices are in the Austin and Washington DC area with clients in 26 different government agencies.  AG offers integrated Human Capital expertise in three core areas:  Human Resources (HR) Operations, Organizational Solutions, and Strategy. Rebecca commutes back and forth between her TX and DC offices. To do business with Rebecca’s consulting firm AvantGarde, visit AG at

Prior to moving into the consulting business, Rebecca spent fifteen years working in government, four of those years in federal government serving in President Bush’s Administration in Washington DC. While living in DC, Rebecca served first as a Commissioned Officer to President George W. Bush in the Bush White House, managing the personnel appointments process for over 1,200 positions in the federal government.  Then the president appointed her as a senior executive to lead corporate HR in the role of Deputy Assistant Secretary & Chief of Human Capital for the U.S. Department of Treasury, a workforce of 128,000 employees. Rebecca started her government career working as a civil servant for nearly twelve years in Austin in Texas Government, including serving as the Director of Human Resources for the Office of Governor Bush for six years. Prior to joining the Governor’s Office, she served six years at the State Treasury under two Texas women icons Ann Richards and then Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Rebecca lives in the Austin Texas area with her husband of 32 years, David.  Rebecca and David are founders of their 501c3 organization, LaunchPad, a nonprofit foundation that supports funding programs for inner-city families and underprivileged youth and causes in her hometown in Austin and throughout her home state of Texas. Rebecca is also the Amazon best-selling author of Lost Girl, which describes her transformative journey from a poverty-stricken childhood to her career in the White House and eventually her thriving success as an entrepreneur.


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I have had the privilege of being Rebecca's pastor for 25 years. My wife and I have had a front row seat on her incredible journey. Without ever wavering in her faith, or losing touch with her roots, she raised an incredible family, served our nation from the halls of the White House, and built an enormously successful business. Her story will inspire you with courage, hope, and determination. I could not be prouder to recommend this life-changing read to you. Rob Koke – Founder & Senior Pastor Shoreline Church Austin Texas. 

Rob Koke – Founder & Senior Pastor Shoreline Church Austin Texas. 

David & Rebecca Contreras

- LaunchPad Founders

David & Rebecca Contreras - Founders of LaunchPad
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