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RC receives a surprise award for SBA 70th Year Anniversary Legacy Award – September 2023

AG’s CEO, Rebecca Contreras was honored and surprised by San Antonio’s District Director Mary Hernandez in a drop in visit to the Texas Office HQ and presented with the Small Business Administration of Texas District Legacy Award. SBA is celebrating their 70th Anniversary serving Small Businesses across the US. San Antonio District Director, Mary Hernandez came to the Austin area to deliver the award; “Rebecca, on behalf of the Administration and SBA we want to present you with the Legacy award, for all your hard work at AG and the commitment as a business that serves our community.” Rebecca and her team are committed to serving inner city girls through her initiative, Girls of Legacy. In receiving the award Rebecca noted “I am immensely grateful to SBA for all the support over the past nine years to me as an owner of AG. I could not have grown or expanded without it and the tremendous benefits of the Agency’s support to small business owners working hard to put people to work and make our contribution to the US economy.

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