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One year ago, during Women’s History Month, Rebecca and David Contreras’ non-profit LaunchPad proudly introduced the Girls of Legacy scholarship and mentoring program, benefiting disadvantaged students in the Austin area as they began fulfilling their dreams of post high school higher education or alternative certifications and or professional development.

As part of the 2022 program, Rebecca chose 10 high school senior girls to participate in the scholarship and mentoring program, all of whom received partial scholarships in the fall of 2022. Through this initiative Rebecca was able to personally match every dollar raised and over $28,000 was given in scholarship money to the 2022 graduates. We have continued to invest and mentor these amazing young ladies throughout their first year of higher education or formal training certification programs.

The Girls of Legacy scholarship recipients were students attending Success High School and Crocket High School and graduated in May 2022. Rebecca worked with the high school academic counselors to identify these promising yet at-risk young women who otherwise would not have the means to continue their schooling after high school. They are currently enrolled in their first year of college/vocational school and Rebecca and the LaunchPad team are raising the second round of scholarship money to go towards the existing Girls of Legacy group and also an expanded group for 2023 that will begin Year 1 of their higher education or development training post high school graduation. 100% of the funds raised in 2023 will be matched by Rebecca Contreras and her company AvantGarde LLC.

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Girls of Legacy has a mentorship program as well as a Scholarship Initiative. The Girls are each partnered with a local female leader (business owners, community leaders, career women, etc) and meet once a month with their mentor to check in on their education journey, short and long term goals and overall health and wellness for their mind and self worth.