Re-set You For 2022

"7 is the # of perfection - to re-set 2022 for you." 

Week 1) Reshaping

  • Reshape You in Holistic Health - Physical – Spiritual – Mental – Relational -  all around for you.

Week 2) Relearning

  • Adopt a posture of continuous learning, advancing - Never stop 

Week 3) Reengineering

  • Live in an attitude of reengineering, adapting, expanding, growing or redesigning you! Life is too short (and rich in opportunity ) to stay stagnant!

Week 4) Rethinking

  • Adopt an attitude of new thoughts and positive thinking, if necessary, change, renew, reset your mindset and thinking.

Week 5) Renewing your emotional stability

  • Recalibrate and renew your emotions  on a regular basis.  Don’t get stuck in emotional dysfunction, exhaustion or chaos, especially when it involves things outside your control. 

Week 6) Relationships that Matter

  • Who you are with on a regular basis and who you do life with shapes you. Be deliberate about your relationships that matter.

Week 7) Recharging

  • Recharging you for maximum impact is central to who you are.  We are fallible humans and live in bodies that wear out. Live a life of recharging you, in order to achieve maximum impact out of your body, mind, spirt, soul!