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Fight to Fly Podcast with Tia Minzoni and Special Guest Rebecca Contreras

The Fight to Fly Show is a podcast and digital video show hosted by Tia Minzoni of Stella Jets. Tia interviews guests who have fought through the most incredible battles, overcome extraordinary battles, and become high achievers.

Expect to be inspired, entertained, and motivated to break down the barriers to your success through the lessons and life experiences of our guests every week.

“Not every battle has a success story, but every true success story has a battle.” -Tia Minzoni

In this episode Rebecca Contreras, author of 'Lost Girl: From the Hood to the white house, to Millionaire Entrepreneur', talk about the generational impact of women empowering women, along with her two girls Crystaline and Elicia who are making their own mark on the next generation.

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