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Who You Know Podcast: From Lost Girl to Millionaire Entrepreneur: A Journey of Transformation with Rebecca Contreras

Rebecca was recently interviewed on the "Who Ya Know Show" hosted by Trevor Houston and Mark Elder in Dallas, Texas.

About the Podcast: "Our goal is to leverage relationships and our professional network to open doors, equip you with the best knowledge, resources, support and education available. Each show you will learn from industry experts on a wide range of topics including search techniques, resumes, interview skills, maximizing employee benefits and more."

Summary:Rebecca and Trevor discuss the significance of the family unit and the role of fathers in society. They highlight the power of having both parents present in a child's life and the importance of structure and strictness in raising children. Rebecca shares her personal journey of overcoming a difficult upbringing and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

About the Host: "Trevor Houston’s networking strategies & outside-the-box approach drive proven results. Featured in Forbes for his Job Search Trojan Horse Strategy; Trevor helps job seekers to get noticed, create opportunities & take control of the financial impact of job loss. His mission is to build a community of leaders & empower job seekers to find their passion." Mark Elder is a networking expert with 15 years of experience volunteering in organizations who give back and make a difference in the community. He is a faithful part of Frisco Connect, has educated, coached and led career seekers individually, conducted job networking workshops, and helped organize local job networking events."

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