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Re-Set for YOU in 2022 | Rebecca Contreras

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

ReSet Yourself In 2022!

January Blog

I hope everyone’s 2022 is off to a great start! The start of the year is a natural time for us to feel compelled and motivated to make positive changes in our lives. That’s why I started the 7-week Challenge (if you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late!), with a different focus each week for “resetting” yourself with small changes in habits.

Week 1 is all about Reshaping - identifying ways to create positive shifts in our holistic health: mind, body, and spirit. All too often we adopt New Year’s resolutions that are not specific enough, too unrealistic, and only focused on our physical health, while neglecting our mental and spiritual wellness. It’s important to first reflect on your life, and how satisfied you are with your holistic health and your lifestyle. What changes would you like to see? Then, consider how you can realistically initiate improvements, especially with small daily changes that you can form into habits. Take some time to brainstorm some ideas. Finally, what goals would you like to see? Numbers are not important in these goals – it’s more about how you want to feel.

My Reshaping challenge this week asks you to identify and initiate one shift for the three areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health – shifts that will continue throughout the 7-week challenge. Personally, I’ve committed to Reshaping through clean eating (body), memorizing one scripture connected to my purpose (spirit), and seven minutes of clearing and emptying my mind every morning (mind). I’ve heard a lot of great ideas from many of you too! From ensuring you get eight hours of sleep every night to adding strength training to your workout routine; from meditation exercises to crossword puzzles; from service commitments to prayer circles.

Setting holistic goals can ensure you take a whole-body, whole-life, balanced approach in your journey to Reshape yourself. After all, each aspect of our health affects and supports the other areas. And being consistent – and realistic – is important too! You know yourself better than anyone, and these goals benefit you in the end. Make sure that no matter what you commit to in Reshaping yourself and your habits, in the end it should make you feel more like YOU.

My 7-Week Challenge has just begun! Make sure you subscribe to learn about the challenge themes each week and join me on Facebook and Instagram as we face the challenges together!

Week One (January 10) Reshaping – Holistic Health

Week Two (January 17) Relearning – Continuous Knowledge-Seeking

Week Three (January 24) Reengineering - Adapting, Expanding, Redesigning

Week Four (January 31) Rethinking – Adopting Positive Thinking

Week Five (February 7) Renewing Emotional Stability

Week Six (February 14) Relationships that Matter

Week Seven (February 21) Recharging for Maximum Impact

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