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Living your Best Life in Alignment

New Facebook Live series coming Feb 7th

All too often we fall into the belief that the secret to a fulfilled life is “more”: more possessions, more money, more personal gain. But a fulfilled life is one that aligns with values, where your time, money, and energy are spent on the things that bring you happiness and with WHO God created you to be. This is essential to living your best life, and being the best version of you.

However, sometimes life happens and we get knocked off our alignment, causing us to question who we really are and what our purpose in life is. This might be due to

  • a tragic incident

  • relational issues with those we love (i.e. marriage, children, family)

  • loss of a job/career

  • pain we encounter

In fact there are all kinds of “life happenings” that can misalign us. It’s often not a question of if it will happen to us, but how we respond – and how we can get back into alignment.

Alignment is defined as the act of aligning or state of being aligned; it is the proper positioning or state of adjustment of oneself to correctness in order to be fully and optimally functional. You can think about this applied to a car, for example: if the wheels of a car aren’t aligned, the car doesn’t drive straight, pulling to the left or right and causing you to potentially to drive into danger.

Alignment of ourselves is even more important than vehicle alignment. Aligning our life and self to who God created us to be will bring:

  • Focus/clarity

  • Joy

  • Fulfilment in who you are; love of you

  • Value in all those around us who see us walk in alignment

  • Overall living your best life

This is why I’m launching my new series on Alignment. This Facebook Live series will run for 6 weeks, beginning next Tuesday February 7th at 12pm CT. If you miss the live event, all the videos will be posted on my website here. If you have not done so already, make sure you subscribe to get the free resources our team provides!

Recap Summary of Series:

Week 1 February 7 Alignment to You - launch summary

Week 2 February 14 Identity: Centering to Who God created You to Be

Week 3 February 21 Employing a “You-First” Strategy

Week 4 February 28 Alignment = Walking in Purpose

Week 5 March 7 Recognize and Love and Live “Others Focused”

Week 6 March 14 Staying true to Alignment – no matter what hits you!

I hope you will join me every Tuesday as we dive into each of these topics, learning more about alignment’s role in living our best, most authentic lives; the questions we need to ask to understand our own personal alignment; and the tools we can use to maintain alignment.

Follow me on Facebook to view the series and for updates on the Alignment series! You can also find me on Instagram and LinkedIn. To read more about the series and its launch, visit my website here.

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