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Girls of Legacy 2023 Scholarship Luncheon

Updated: Jul 18

Girls of Legacy 2023 Scholarship/Luncheon - June 2023 AvantGarde (AG) CEO and the Girls of Legacy Mentoring Team held a scholarship presentation and luncheon to celebrate and recognize the 2023 Girls of Legacy at the AvantGarde Head Quarters in Georgetown, TX. Most of the girls are home from College and were excited to connect with their assigned Mentors and AG CEO/Founder of Girls of Legacy Initiative Rebecca Contreras. The girls were also brought together for a special photo shoot held by Nick Austin of "We Are Not Broken." Nick donated her time to support Girls of Legacy both as a mentor and photographer. The group photo taken (shown below) will be used for the upcoming Forbes and Fortune Magazine feature which will be published for the Austin Texas region October 2023.

We are proud of the Girls and the hard work they have put in to pursue development of their education and growth. We are also grateful for our volunteer Girls of Legacy mentors, Crystal, Jan, Judy, Nick, Crystaline, Elicia and Cathy for the investment of their time, knowledge and care to support the personal development of these young girls!

To learn more about Girls of Legacy and take part in this years matching campaign visit Rebecca will be taking on 5 new girls for the Fall 2023 semester. Rebecca is matching 100% of donations for Girls of Legacy and there is no overhead as our team is volunteer so donations go directly to the girls 2023 Fall/Winter tuition!

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