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Start 2023 with the Essential “Five Rs”

How incredible that 2022 is now behind us and we are in a new year – 2023! Happy 2023, and warm wishes to you all! The new year is a great opportunity to reinvigorate our lives with optimism and determination, to take time and assess where we are and where we want to be on our path. This, however, can be a bit overwhelming – just as we wind down from the holidays, suddenly we’re bombarded with marketing messages selling products and services promising “new year, new you,” distracting us from the need to reflect internally to make any real long-lasting changes. And soon that energy charge we felt heading into January feels drained and by February we’ve lost sight of our goals.

That’s why I believe it’s critical to take this time to center ourselves, refocusing on you. I wanted to share my personal top areas of refocus, I call them the “Five Rs” to address the aspects of our lives that need a shift, a pull, or maybe even a complete overhaul. With that awareness, we can then set our sights on objectives and take steps towards personal growth and development.

RC's Five Rs

  1. ReCalibrate – This is a great time to look at personal habits and recalibrate to embrace and engage in new healthy habits and healthy behaviors that will produce good outcomes. Forget (or stress less) about those things you cannot control and focus on the one person and thing you can, You.

  2. ReNew Relationships – Out with old, in with new. Make good choices in 2023 to life-giving relationships that support your growing and thriving. Get rid of toxic, negative relationships that drain you or pull at you. Life is too short.

  3. ReSet Goals – Focus on setting achievable goals that stretch you but make sense for you. I like to set goals around four key areas 1) personal 2) financial 3) spiritual 4) business. And remember goals are only good if you work them and keep them front and center of your mind. Write them down but also take your journal out and mediate & reflect on them weekly.

  4. ReAlign to the best YOU - there is only one you, take care of you and ensure in everything you do there is alignment to who you were created to be. When things feel out of whack, you are likely in misalignment of You. Stay consistent with this, don’t lose sight as life throws curve balls your way. If you misalign, get back into alignment and engage the tools you need. My tools consist of 1) coaching, 2) counseling, 3) prayer/meditation, 4) positive thinking, and 5) journaling and listening to positive podcasts or messages that encourage and lift me up.

  5. Lastly, ReVisionhave a vision for where you want to be, how you want to live, what you want to let in (what you need to let out) and no matter what issues hit in 2023 STAY close to that Vision and embrace it daily. Without vision things die, they get stale and fall to wayside. ReVision can also mean revising things that DIDN’T work in 2022, leave those things and patterns and habits behind… do not bring them into 2023.

If this is the type of new year’s resolutions that you want to follow as we start 2023, I urge you to check out my ReSet You series I launched, very similar to what my focus is this year but with new vigor and punch! I have found that by applying a different focus each week over seven weeks, we can challenge ourselves to “reset” with small changes in habits. The 15 minute videos and workbook download are free to anyone through my site

I’m looking forward to 2023 and the opportunities and challenges it holds! I hope you are too. If you have not connected to me already, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and also sign up for free resources and updates through my website by hitting the subscribe page.

Here’s to 2023 and all the goodness, change and new things in store!


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