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Rebecca Featured In The "Greater Works ABS Alumni Newsletter"

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Issue 1 Winter 2022

Excerpt from the article:



In October of 2021, former American Bible Society Board

member and AvantGarde CEO Rebecca Contreras released

her new book, Lost Girl: From the Hood to the White House

to Millionaire Entrepreneur. The book, now available through

Amazon and Barnes & Noble, tells Rebecca’s inspiring

story of how her grit, determination, and faith helped her

overcome incredible adversity and eventually become the

founding leader of a thriving HR consulting firm serving 15

federal government agencies.

“My origin story is tragically common,” says Rebecca. “I was

born into a poverty-stricken family with a drug-addicted

mother and abusive family members. I was on the verge of

perpetrating the generational curses and toxic cycles when I

became a teenage mother myself. Fortunately, I was able to

break the cycle, instead of letting the cycle break me….

All hope is not lost—even for a seemingly lost girl.”

Read the full article here below.

Greater Works ABS Alumni Newsletter Issue 1
Download PDF • 3.84MB

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