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RC on The Entrepreneurs Chair with Elizabeth Davis

Rebecca was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Davis on "The Entrepreneur Chair Show". Elizabeth Davis is "an experienced business leader and Certified EOS Implementer, Elizabeth thrives on working with leadership teams focused on making tangible changes in order to create the businesses they desire — and have a more meaningful life. Through implementing EOS, she helps business owners and their leadership teams get better results."

"In this empowering episode of The Entrepreneur Chair, host Elizabeth Davis sits down with Rebecca Contreras, the founder and CEO of AvantGarde, to explore her remarkable journey from early struggles to entrepreneurial success. A former welfare recipient and high school dropout, Rebecca's story is one of profound transformation. From her challenging beginnings in the projects of El Paso to advising a U.S. president in the White House and ultimately becoming an entrepreneur of a multimillion-dollar company, Rebecca shares the pivotal moments and influential mentors who helped reshape her destiny.Throughout the interview, Rebecca delves into her experiences of overcoming adversity, the importance of mentorship, and her commitment to giving back through initiatives like the Girls of Legacy scholarship program. This episode is not just a recount of success; it's a heartfelt story of a woman who turned her life's trials into triumphs, inspiring listeners with her resilience, dedication, and the powerful belief that one's past does not dictate their future.Join us for a deep and authentic conversation that celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship and the impactful journey of a woman who dared to redefine her path."

To learn more about the podcast host visit:

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