Pongase Las Pilas Podcast - How to Incorporate Vision into your every day life

Updated: Jun 3

"Join Laura as she interviews Rebecca Contreras about infusing vision in our everyday lives."

"How to Incorporate Vision into Our Every Day"

About Pongase Las Pilas Podcast

Laura Prieto A motivational podcast for the career-driven, business go-getter, modern Latina, with the purpose of helping you engineer a life you love.

You will hear about Motherhood and parenting, career (STEM stories), business, entrepreneurship, and creativity!

As mami says, "Nunca es Tarde para Aprender"!

Podcast Host: https://anchor.fm/pongaselaspilas/episodes/How-to-Incorporate-Vision-into-Our-Every-Day-e1g2enk/a-a7...

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