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LightBeamers – Step Into Your Brave - 4th Annual Conference held on September 26

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

September 26th, 2022

We had the opportunity to support “all things women empowerment” by becoming a VIP Sponsoring and taking part in the 4th annual Storytellers event by LightBeamers. The event was hosted by LightBeamers founder, April Pertuis and focused on encouraging (and training) women from all walks of life to find ways to tap into telling their personal story & life journey. Rebecca Contreras, founder of AvantGarde LLC and author of LostGirl joined the event as a VIP sponsor and was able to encourage local attenders by sharing her own personal story of impact. Rebecca is all about supporting women and challenging them to take the next level journey in purpose. Following are a few highlights of the event, held in San Antonio Texas.

To learn more about the Lightbeamers community visit

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