Shifting careers? Rebecca shares four keys to creating the change and achieving your goals

Updated: May 12

Blurb: Thinking of making a major career change? Here are four ideas for overcoming imposter syndrome to achieve your goals as a woman in business.

The Great Resignation is looking more and more like The Great Reshuffle, as many Americans change jobs looking for better compensation, advancement opportunities, and work-life balance. Recent LinkedIn data found job transitions for women, in particular, have skyrocketed during this time, while a 2021 MetLife survey found that more than half of women (56%) said they’ve thought about a career change during the pandemic—double the amount who reported feeling this way the year before.

As a Latina woman who has reinvented herself professionally many times over, this trend really hits home. And I know firsthand that making a major career change isn’t for the faint of heart—especially if, like so many women, you’re grappling with the crippling self-doubt known as imposter syndrome.

But I also know that, with the right support and tools in your belt, overcoming imposter syndrome to achieve success is possible.

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