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99¢ LostGirl Download for Only Two Days, Campaign of Hope

Lost Girl - Campaign of Hope. Help me bring massive impact to those who need it, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1: Download LostGirl for 99¢ HERE to download the Kindle version of Lost Girl. (has to be done April 11th or 12th)

2: Share this link with your entire network to help spread inspiration and hope for transformation with those who need to hear it!

3: Know that each download is going toward a good cause. Each download represents a life inspired by the hope of transformation and boosts online awareness of LostGirl. In addition, all proceeds during the Amazon sale will go directly to the scholarship fundraising campaign of Girls of Legacy.

Thank you so much for your help and support!

As we get ready to celebrate the Girls of Legacy 2023 with our April 11th event, we hope to not only continue funding the original ten scholarships but also expand the program to include new scholarship recipients. And to kick things off, I’m excited to announce my Campaign of Hope, over the course of two days only. I will be offering the Kindle version of my book Lost Girl – where I recount my own journey of hope and transformation – on Amazon. Only the Kindle version will be on sale to download through the Amazon platform for two days ONLY, all day April 11th and 12th, for only 99¢!

In order to ensure maximum impact...

One year ago, during Women’s History Month, I was thrilled to introduce everyone to the Girls of Legacy, a scholarship and mentorship program and my signature initiative. The ten young women who were selected to participate – all from local Title 1 high schools – had dreams of pursuing higher education and careers, but lacked the resources. I saw their potential, and I empathized with their struggle.

I was once an at-risk teenager too. In high school I battled substance addiction and became pregnant at 17, eventually dropping out of school. But after a pivotal decision turned my life around, it was mentorship and becoming refocused on my personal development and training that eventually helped put me on the path to success. I owe so much to my incredible mentors, people who were strategic and believed in me, when I didn’t even believe in myself. I am grateful to them for seeing the promise in my future and giving me the opportunity to shine.

I am eager to do the same for our Girls of Legacy – the girls I have chosen for this program are miles ahead of where I was at age 18 and 19; they are focused, driven, and pursuing higher education and/or professional development and engaging in the right choices for their future! I launched this initiative out of the tremendous publicity I received last year from becoming KXAN’s “Most Remarkable Woman” for Central Texas and launched a fundraising campaign for scholarships to accompany the mentorship. We raised nearly $30,000 which enabled the ten graduating seniors to enroll in the college, university or trade school of their choice last fall. Today, these girls have either completed their training or are finishing up their first year of University! We are very proud of them.

I’m humbled by how many have found my story to be inspirational, and I want to spread that message of hope even further to coincide with the new year of the Girls of Legacy program. All proceeds during the Amazon sale will go directly to the scholarship fundraising campaign.

In addition, from now through August, I will personally match all contributions to the Girls of Legacy fundraising campaign, dollar for dollar. These contributions are 100% tax-deductible – more information can be found on the Girls of Legacy website

Thank you for your support of the Girls of Legacy, and for this new Campaign of Hope to continue our efforts!

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