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My Reinvention Took Me from Poverty to the White House (Rebecca Contreras) Podcast

Updated: Jan 17

Reinvent Yourself Podcast with Lesley Jane Seymour

A podcast offering tips and tricks for reinventing yourself by former More magazine Editor In Chief and creator of, Lesley Jane Seymour.

"What purpose can this pain serve?" asks serial reinventor Rebecca Contreras. From childhood abuse and neglect to poverty and addiction, Contreras has risen above all manner of challenges in her life. She recounts these experiences in her book, Lost Girl: From the Hood to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur, and in this intimate conversation with CoveyClub founder Lesley Jane Seymour. A must-listen for anyone who has ever contemplated leaving their corporate job and venturing into the unknown, her insights will empower you to embrace change, find the tools you need, and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

"My reinvention took me from poverty to the White House" with Rebecca Contreras

Time Stamps:

9:00 - Surviving childhood trauma, navigating poverty and wellfare

13:00 - Working as a commissioned officer for President George W. Bush

15:00 - Leaving government work for entrepreneurship

21:00 - How to get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce to grow your business

23:00 - The obstacles women 40+ face when starting their own businesses

26:00 - Advice for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing after 50

29:00 - How mindset applies to success

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