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Leaning into God

Rebecca on "The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast"

My guest today says: “Focus on your thoughts, so your thinking goes, there your being goes - choose who is in control of you.”

Joining me today's show is Rebecca Contreras.

Rebecca Contreras is the author of Lost Girl — From the Hood to the White House to Millionaire Entrepreneur, which recounts her journey from becoming a welfare-dependent teenage mother to advising a sitting president, to driving a successful 100-person company.

Rebecca is a social and business entrepreneur who spent nearly twelve years with the George W. Bush legacy, first in Texas as his Director of HR then in DC in the White House as a Commissioned Officer supporting the presidential transition.

She started her fifteen-year service in government in a welfare-to-work program for Texas icon Ann Richards and achieved tremendous heights in her success.

After serving in government for 15 years and cutting her teeth in consulting ten years ago, Rebecca cofounded AvantGarde, which has now grown into a thriving public sector consulting practice with over 100 team members spread across seven states.

On today’s show Rebecca is going to share:

Lean on Trust - Learn to trust God no matter what you see happen around you (or to you).

Lean into Purpose - Where you are today, isn’t where you will be tomorrow

Lean into Grit - Learn to fail forward – learn from mistakes or losses.

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